Secure ID and Card Personalization Solutions Datacard Group is a driving force in virtually every major card program around the world. Our secure ID and card personalization solutions are used to issue millions of financial cards and identification documents each day.
More than 35 years ago, we made mass issuance of credit cards economical when we invented systems for high-volume plastic card personalization—forever changing the way consumers conduct transactions. Today, Datacard® high-volume card issuance solutions outsell all other brands combined. Datacard Group built on this heritage to redefine secure identity technology. We introduced our first digital photo ID systems more than a decade ago. Since then, corporations, governments and other security-minded organizations have made Datacard® the worlds most popular brand of secure ID solutions.
From our strong leadership position in secure ID and card personalization, we see that the best is yet to come—as we continue to make cards, identification documents and personalized mailings more powerful by capitalizing on smart cards, biometrics, laser engraving and other advanced technologies.
Central Issuance Systems
Datacard® systems, software and services are standard elements in most high-volume card issuance programs. For customers who serve established economies, we provide advanced card issuance systems and productivity solutions that set industry standards for throughput, quality and cost-per-card. New inline card printing capabilities rival the quality of traditional lithography. For customers serving emerging markets, we offer value-priced solutions that leverage proven technologies from our most advanced systems. Datacard Group also offers complete solutions for personalization andpost-issuance management of single- and multi-application smart cards — including special solution bundles for banks implementing EMV®-based programs.
Card Delivery and Fulfillment Systems
Our inline and stand-alone card delivery and fulfillment solutions provide card issuers with powerful solutions for one-to-one marketing, cost reduction and efficiency gains. Our systems can print highly personalized messages for each cardholder on a form, then affix cards, assemble mailing components, insert them into envelopes and meter them automatically. New print finishing systems also allow you to create, attach and package gift cards, telecom cards and other consumer deliverables in a productive and modular inline operation.
Secure ID Solutions
Datacard Group established new standards for corporate and government ID programs more than a decade ago when we introduced digital photo ID systems. Today, corporate and government customers trust us to integrate all the elements of secure ID programs. Our digital photo ID systems have become so affordable and easy-to-use that schools, retailers, hospitals, hotels, casinos and other small- to mid-sized organizations use them for everything from student IDs and hotel keys to loyalty and retail gift cards. New rewritable card printing technology makes our solutions portfolio even more diverse and powerful.
Passport Systems
Our exclusive laser technology makes passports and other laser-printed credentials virtually impossible to alter or forge. Laser systems engrave high-resolution text and images inside the polycarbonate holder page of passports, resulting in superior security and document quality. In addition to passports, Datacard Group supports government identity programs in more than 45 countries.
We offer a complete portfolio of professional services to help customers get the most out of their card programs, including planning, consulting, integration, implementation, training and certification. We also provide full technical support, including on-call and onsite maintenance, call centers and depot repair.
Recent technical innovations have made Datacard® Certified Supplies featuring Intelligent Supplies Technologyâ„¢ more powerful than ever. Built-in intelligence allows our print ribbons and other supply items to communicate with Datacard® card personalization systems and desktop card printers for ribbon conservation, quality assurance and more. Datacard Group also has elevated card security to entirely new levels with innovations, such as secure laminates, protective topcoats, optical variable devices (OVDs), ghost imaging, microprinting and more.