Print2mail is the world wide industry leader in end user and distributor sales of pressure seal machines. Our trade marked Print to Mail™ product line of pressure sealing folder sealers are in use at over 5,000 sites and 30 countries.

The Print to Mail ™ Accessory is a machine that makes mailing easy and affordable by offering the user a unique ability to print, fold and seal checks, custom forms, and documents at speeds of up to 3,000 documents per hour in one easy operation - completely ready for distribution (special media is required). The introduction of the Print to Mail™ Accessory pressure seal machine has tranformed the once high cost of processing checks and machine mailing forms to finally be affordable to small business, medium businesses, schools, government offices, associations and large organizations with distributed processes.

For applications where a printer attached folder sealer is not an option, we offer the Print to Mail™ 2 stand alone pressure seal mailer.