Virtual Doxx Barcode and RFID (Radio Frequency) File Tracking & Records Management Software Systems keeps track of file locations, streamlines workflow, automates life-cycle management, facilitates compliance and reduces the cost of doing business.
A simple database query identifies where records are located and enables staff to request records needed for task fulfillment. Email Request Notifications are routed to file room staff and records are automatically checked-out to the Requestor using bar code or RFID technologies. Overdue notices can be triggered if files have been out of the system longer than business rules allow. The software also monitors file activity and generates retention queues of records due for archiving or destruction.
File Tracking Software reduces file room staffing costs, speeds search times, avoids lost or misplaced files, provides real-time tracking of file locations, manages file retention, and automates file creation, searches, requests, delivery, inventories and chain-of-custody.
The software can also be used to manage assets, evidence, weapons, library media, museum artifacts or just about any item used in your business. File tracking software lets you know exactly where your records (or items) are located and enables you to get records to staff that need them...right when they need them!