2015 Carnival Recognition

TSL joins the nation in celebrating 2015 Carnival by adorning their Head Office wall with Carnival head pieces of yesteryear generously brought in by TSLers who continue to partake in this national festival. Supporting this beautiful wall display, Docucentre’s graphic designer, Jeannette Edwards, ably directed by Kevon Charles of Hostings and Bruce of Docucentre, designed and created an exquisite black and white face mask which was expertly “quartered” by Robert Mc Clean and is “resident” at reception. The idea behind this first attempt to incorporate Trinidad’s national festival into the office and have staff involved in the process has had varied comments and the majority are in agreement that the completed décor creates” a festive vibe” that is welcoming to both staff and customers. Other comments included:

"Shows what collaboration amongst TSLers can accomplish!"
"Makes the environment more agreeable and enjoyable to work in!"
"Lifts the spirit of the staff and brightens the place!"