2015 Easter Challenge

Easter celebrations at # 80 Woodford Street began with the Easter Bunny hopping between several departments with no one knowing when next he would show up… Only that he appeared in one department one fine Monday morning (16th March) and then hastily hopped to another daily, almost like by magic!!! This began an entire week of puzzled staff asking” Where is the Easter Bunny and who put this here?Are we to have a competition? When de competition starting?”

The following week on Monday 23rd March, the questions were aptly answered as it was revealed that the Easter Bunny was looking for his secret Easter Stash and that he needed help from staff to find it…. The stash being a basketful of Easter Goodies!!! Yes indeed staff generously volunteered to help Mr. Easter Bunny by helping solve crossword puzzles, answering questions on TSL’s history, partners and ICT solutions and even on Trinidad and Tobago’s rich heritage which when answered correctly allowed Mr. Easter Bunny and winning teams to move closer to the Grand Stash! Teams were formed, picong passed between the teams and after intense friendly competition a winner declared on Tuesday 31st March. The conqueror was none other than Finance!!!! And coming in a nail biting second was Docucentre, both leaving others in “de dust”. Staff’s next question………..”when is the next competition?